About Jessica


Jessica Stanbrook is a freelance writer, recipe developer and food stylist living in Los Angeles.

Jessica created her first recipe at the age of four - a recipe for chocolate chip bread that included more sugar than flour. Her accommodating family sampled the bread, but Jessica didn't create much of anything else in the kitchen for the next 15 years. While in college, she once again tried her hand at cooking and this time, fell in love.

Today, Jessica writes the award-winning food blog, Apples and Butter. Her work also has appeared in Food Arts, the culinary industry's leading trade magazine, and DiningOut D.C. Jessica's original recipe for Lamb Kofta was published in the 2010 Thinkfood cookbook by Posit Science.

A graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York City, Jessica develops recipes for her Web site, Apples and Butter, and is available for recipe development and recipe testing projects. Known for her rustic and natural approach to food, all of the dishes on Apples and Butter are photographed by Jessica in their edible state. No hairspray or spray paint allowed.

To contact Jessica, please do so through the 'contact me' button on the homepage of Apples and Butter.