Monday, December 8, 2008

Beef Short Ribs - Locally

Bringing together all of the local ingredients for this dish has been a great learning experience for me and one that is having a lasting effect. While I've always loved shopping at the farmers' market, I'm now making a point to pass up produce at the market and waiting for my weekend market. It's not convenient, but it's one of the little changes I can make while trying to be a conscience eater.

All this effort has the added benefit of tasting delicious. The short ribs were amazing, I'm certain due to the high quality ingredients and the higher quotient of homemade goods that went into making them. The only thing I would change for the next round is doubling the recipe. They tasted even better the next day and I would have loved to have more on hand.

Beef Short Ribs - Locally
Serves 2

2 pounds J&J Grass-fed, California Short Ribs
3 T Tutta California Olive Oil
1 onion
2 carrots
3 celery stalks
4 cloves garlic
1/2 t salt
3 T Tutta California Cabernet Vinegar
4 thyme sprigs
2 California bay leaves

Preheat oven to 325*
Season short ribs with salt and pepper. Heat olive oil over medium heat in a dutch oven and brown short ribs on all sides. Remove short ribs to a plate. Cut celery, carrots and onion into chunks and add to a food processor with the garlic. Process until well-blended and almost paste-like. Place vegetable mixture in the dutch oven along with the salt and tomato paste and saute until vegetables begin to soften. Stir in two cups of the stock along with the vinegar, thyme and bay leaves. Nestle the short rib pieces in the vegetable mixture, adding more stock until the ribs are completely submerged. Cover and place in the oven for 2 - 3 hours until the meat is falling off the bone. Remove the thyme and bay leaves and discard. Serve the ribs with some of the cooking liquid and polenta. Enjoy!


Erica said...

Fabulous to see another post from you. I haven't ever attempted ribs before- looks like a great recipe!

Meg said...

What an awesome recipe!

Annie said...

Yum! I think we all would have liked you to have more leftovers... to share with us!

rachel said...

Welcome back! My brother and husband with both ADORE this recipe

Lori Lynn said...

Ah, short ribs one of my favorites, I like how you keep it simple. Must have been fabulous. I recently made a soup my grandmother used to make from short ribs, called Meat Soup. Very simple, Nice.

Maris said...

Even though I don't really like red meat...and have never had short ribs...your photo makes these look amazing!

Hopie said...

Good to have you back! Those short ribs look delicious. When it comes to eating locally, you're lucky to live in CA!

Cathy said...

I love slow simmered recipes for the winter months. And supporting your local farmer's market, way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi! This looks fantastic. I love how you've made the decision to be a healthier eater--I'm the same way. And I hear you on loving the farmer's's one of my favorite places to shop!

Just read your about page--my husband feels the same way about my healthy cooking too. Don't worry, your boyfriend will soon be a convert! :)

Sabrina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate it.
You have a very lovely blog!

test it comm said...

Those ribs look good. I always enjoy going to the local farmers market on the weekend!

Pam said...

They look so good. I love cooking with locally grown food if I can. Great recipe.

27Susans said...

If I am going to eat meat, there's nothing like ribs that fall off the bone.

Wish I had bothered to cook my squash blossoms this summer.

jesse said...

Wow, that looks comforting without being too rich... perfect for the LA winter!

alexandra's kitchen said...

Where did you get the J&J grass-fed beef? Did you join a CSA? I just learned about them a couple months ago. The shortribs sound awesome!