Thursday, July 22, 2010

New York Lessons


I am sitting in the living room of my Chelsea apartment, as close to the air conditioner as I can get, with my feet elevated. It is nearing midnight on day three in New York and I am wiped out. So much has happened in the past 72 hours and I feel as though it may all pass me by in a whirlwind if I do not start documenting it.

Things I have learned about New York so far:

1. It is July and air conditioning is supremely important. I am grateful for the powerful unit in our living room and even more grateful for my favorite Chelsea discovery: Manhattan Fruit Exchange. The entire place is refrigerated like a walk-in cooler and they have at least 12 varieties of mushrooms at wholesale prices. Though I must admit, 12 is an estimate because I forgot to count. I was too happy about being cold.

2. For some reason, a lot of well-cooled retail establishments have their doors open. Walk slowly as you pass these places.

3. They say you are a real New Yorker when you stop looking up. I think you are a real New Yorker when you stop talking about air conditioning in July.

4. Your feet are going to hurt. Your feet will hurt slightly less if you change shoes often and vary the height of the heel.

5. Even with my Ray-Ban sunglasses, I am not fashionable enough to be mistaken for a local.

I am sure there are more New York lessons on the way, but by all means, if you are a local and can save me the trouble of having to learn them the hard way, please help a girl out.


Sara said...

Man, I thought Ray Bans made everything better!! ;-)

Glad you're adjusting to life as a New Yorker!

Eliana said...

haha - Welcome to the Big City babe. Sounds like you are handeling it quite well. A big lesson for you - invest in comfy flats and sneakers as the "sexy new yorkers" don't do a lot of walking.

Anonymous said...

Heh. #s 3, 4, and 5 sound just like Paris! Though if you want to find somewhere cool, your choices are pretty much limited to the dairy section of your supermarket, or movie theaters, but not all of them.

Enjoy getting to know your new city!

Hopie said...

I'm totally with you on the Manhattan Fruit Exchange. That place is amazing! A couple years in a row I studied at a theater school in Chelsea and I went there almost every day. Kept me sane. And you're right it's WAY too hot. At least NYC believes in air conditioning. Unlike Paris.

Black Cloud said...

Hold your (closed, zippered and padlocked) bag close to you. If someone bumps into you, check for your wallet. Don't share cabs. Only take yellow cabs. Pigeons = rats with wings. Don't feed them, they have no fear. Stay out of the Bronx. :) Don't eat street meat. Ever. Really. Just don't.

Anonymous said...

Does this photo mean you live on the Highline? Sounds like a great adventure. We were at the CIA for dinner in early June; will you take a day trip up there, too?
Hope the course is everything you hope for. Martha Whitney- SW pal of T $ J

Val said...

I can't give you any tips for living in NY other than, don't look up. BUt I'm still in awe of the fact that you made the move and are about to embark on something amazing.

Velva said...

NYC is one of my favorite cities. Every time I arrive I feel like I am standing in the middle of the world.

I think the locals wear sneakers when walking, it is easier unless, you only have a block to walk.

Cheers to you! I have the fruit exchange on my list. I have to experience it too.

Looking forward to seeing your updates.

Vivian said...

Apparently when it's hot, stores blast their ACs with doors open to entice people to come shop inside. It's actually illegal to do that (bad for the environment) and when caught they get fined, but I suppose it's worth it to them business-wise.

I'm sure you're rocking those Rays :)

Theresa said...

Looks like you live super close to Chelsea Market...have you been yet? Aside from the marvelous display of food and cooking essentials, a People's Popsicle is crucial for survival during these sticky summer days. Enjoy!

SaintTigerlily said...

Oh man. Super exciting. My best NYC advice: always keep your mouth closed when not talking. Especially when a train is pulling up to the platform. It kicks up some serious debris, and, well...I think the advice is self-explanatory.

And that is what the wisdom of ten years in this city will get you. Enjoy!

It's Not You, it's Brie said...

NYC Cheese hints:

Lucy's Whey- All domestic cheese in Chelsea market. Tell them I sent you!
Essex market:
Saxelby Cheese- All domestic too, hard-to-find goodies here.
Essex Formaggio- international beautiful. Tell Brooke Kirstin says hi.

And I believe that New Yorkers ALWAYS reserve the right to complain about humidity, or traffic, or tourists... or..

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

It seems you are learning quickly.

Fresh Local and Best said...

i'd love to meet you someday, let me know when you might be free. The Lobster Place in the Chelsea Market is my favorite vendor in all of New York. The Manhattan Fruit Exchange is a close second.

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